Equipment Reset: Getting the Marine Corps Down to Fighting Weight.


The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies held a conference, Equipment Reset: Getting the Marine Corps Down to Fighting Weight, on Wednesday, April 17. Event was lead by LtGen William M. Faulkner, USMC, Deputy Commandant, Installations and Logistics. He discussed the future changes the Marine Corps will be making with downsizing equipment.

The challenges of becoming a lighter and more agile force, while understanding requirements and increased weights and demands, is a daily issue for LtGen William Faulkner, Deputy Commandant for Installations and Logistics for the U.S. Marine Corps.


On Wednesday, LtGen Faulkner spoke at the Potomac Institute on the urgent need to reset Marine equipment and strengthening the Corps’ preposition forces around the world in the context of rebalancing to the Pacific.

Three specific areas Faulkner mentioned were:

1. Ridding excess equipment

2. Strengthening and sustaining the Maritime Preposition Force.

3. Increasing interdependency and efficiency of the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF)

LtGen Faulkner is also working to strengthen the Corps’ prepositioned forces around the world, exploring ways of lightening equipment loads for individual Marines, and pushing the development of new technologies such as unmanned resupply that can save time, money and lives.

LtGen Faulkner says the Marine Corps is readily capable in adjusting to recent budget cuts, exercising adaptability, and taking an economical approach to future operations.

To watch full video: LtGen Faulkner on Equipment Reset: Getting the Marine Corps Down to Fighting Weight


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