Potomac Institute hosted a panel of experts to discuss International Cooperation in Combating Terrorism.  Considered as context, as the UN General Assembly is convening for its 68th session, combating terrorism is a key agenda item.  The current status and future oulook of security cooperation in light of the Kenya attack implications were discussed. 

CEO and Chairman Michael Swetnam offered opening remarks, and Prof. Yonah Alexander (Director, Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies and Senior Fellow, Potomac Institute) moderated the discussion.  Speakers included:

- Ambassador Mohammed Alhussaini Alsharif, Ambassador of the League of Arab States to the United States.

- Ambassador Al Maamoun Baba Lamine Keita, Ambassador of the Republic of Mali to the United States.

- Hon. Simonas Satunas, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Lithuania.  Lithuania is currently holding the Presidency of the European Union.

Prof. Down Wallace, Jr., Chairman, International Law Institute, offered closing remarks.


During a presentation at The Potomac Institute, Dr. Victoria Keener, Research Fellow at the East-West Center in Honolulu, assessed the state of climate knowledge, its impacts, and adaptive capacity in the Pacific region. She highlighted the critical importance of accurate and consistent data collection on climate change and focused on impacts to disaster preparedness, national security, food and water security, and immigration.  Underinvestment in the systems that gather data on climate in the Pacific region weakens research.  This in turn impacts the predictability profiles that affect food and water security, which can result in increased numbers of climate migrants.  It also makes it more difficult to get policymakers the information needed to make decisions on how to address the effects of climate change.  Partnerships between scientists and decision makers are crucial to understand the impacts of climate change. 


Dr. Rita Colwell speaks at the CReST Bold Ideas Seminar series -- "Climate Change and Human Health:  Prospects for the Future."  http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/38651619


The video webcast from the Sept. 11, 2013, seminar on "The Anniversary of 9/11: Lessons Learned" is available to watch.  www.ustream.tv/recorded/38600939

Video from the Aug 27 seminar on "The Terrorists-Prisoners Challenge:  Lessons Learned and Future Outlook" is available to watch:





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