The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, in conjunction with the Capital Consortium for Neuroscience: Ethical, Legal and Social Issues (CCNELSI) (, presented a one-day symposium and panel discussion, "Use and Misuse of Neurology and Psychiatry: Lessons Learned from the Holocaust," on Friday, January 14, 10 am - 4 pm. Speakers included: Edmund D. Pellegrino, MD; Patricia Heberer, PhD; James Giordano, PhD; Kevin FitzGerald, PhD, SJ; Daniel Hall-Flavin, MD; Dirksen Bauman, PhD; and John K. Hall, MD, JD. Click below to watch video of the event.  Due to technical difficulties, the program is joined in progress and there is a short gap between parts one and two of the program.

{flv}January CCNELSI{/flv}

{flv}January CCNELSI part 2{/flv} 


On November 19, the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies in conjunction with the Capital Consortium for Neuroscience: Ethical, Legal and Social Issues (  presented a guest lecture by John Shook, PhD, Director of Education and Senior Research Fellow of the Center for Inquiry, and Visiting Assistant Professor of Science Education at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Dr. Shook's lecture was entitled "Neuropragmatism - A Practical Approach to Neuroethical Problems." Click below to watch video of the program.

{flv}CCNELSI November{/flv} 


On October 22, the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies presented a guest lecture by James Tabery, PhD, MA, assistant professor of Philosophy and member of the Division of Medical Ethics and Humanities at the University of Utah.  Dr. Tabery's lecture was entitled "A 'Genetic Predisposition' to Violence? The Dangers of Misconstruing the Gene-Brain-Behavior Relationship." Click below to watch a video of the event.

{flv}CCNELSI 2010 Oct 22{/flv}


The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies will hold an Ambassadors' Forum Luncheon on Wednesday, October 6, 2010  from noon until 2 pm, entitled "Turkish-US Strategic Partnership: Past, Present and Future." The guest speaker will be Ambassador Namik Tan, Ambassador of Turkey to the United States. Prior to his current assignment in Washington, DC, as Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey, which he accepted in the spring of 2010, Ambassador Namik Tan served as a member of Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more than twenty years.  His foreign assignments included postings in Moscow, Abu Dhabi, and most recently as Ambassador to Israel. Click below to watch a video of the event.

{flv}Turkish Ambassador{/flv}

The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies' International Center for Terrorism Studies presented a special Seminar, "Al-Qaida: Quo Vadis? Nine Years after 9/11," at the Institute at noon on Wednesday, September 15. The event was co-sponsored by the Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies, the Inter-University Center for Legal Studies of the International Law Institute, and the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies' International Center for Terrorism Studies. Panelists included Michael Swetnam, CEO and Chairman, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies; Prof. Yonah Alexander, Director, ICTS and Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies; Philip Mudd, Former Deputy Director - National Security Branch of FBI, Former Deputy Director, CIA Counterterrorist Center,and Senior Fellow, New America Foundation; Charles Allen, Former Assistant Director of National Intelligence and former Under Secretary for National Intelligence, DHS; Prof. Paul Pillar, Former National Intelligence Officer for the Near East and South Asia, CIA, and Faculty member, Georgetown University Security Studies Program; and Steven Simon, Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies, Council on Foreign Relations, and Visiting Adjunct Professor of Public Policy, Princeton University. Click below to watch a video of the event.




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