The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies is pleased to announce the February 2016 Issue 3 of STEPS: Science, Technology, and Engineering Policy Studies. Please enjoy this featured Views in Brief:

Book Review - Wayward Pines: Where Paradise is Home

Given the opportunity, is there anyone that would turn down living forever? Suspended animation has been a cornerstone of fairy tales and science fiction novels, albeit the two genres utilize long-term sleep in hugely disparate ways. Fairy tales, such as Snow White, tend to use it as a means of saving a beloved character or helping them see the error of their ways, while science fiction focuses on the use of non-magical suspended animation to make interstellar space travel possible, or for purposes of preserving the human race. In the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, suspended animation is used to both travel through space and preserve a race of genetically modified super-humans.

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