The Potomac Institute hosted Robert Patti, CTO of Tezzaron Semiconductor to speak about using split fabrication (split fab) techniques to provide enhanced obfuscation, security and customized process diversity for microelectronics hardware.

Microelectronics are key components in our defense systems, and assuring that they are both readily available and secure is critical for US national security. The Hardware Security Symposium Speaker Series brings together leading experts in Trusted microelectronics from academia, government, and Industry, to discuss hardware security threats, and ways to mitigate them.

Robert Patti is the Chief Technology Officer and Acting Vice President of Production at Tezzaron Semiconductor. Tezzaron Semiconductor is a leader in 3D and 2.5D technology development to enable advanced performance and security. Additionally, Novati Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tezzaron, has extensive experience with back-end-the-line processing, and collaboration with cutting edge microelectronics manufacturers on split fab production. Mr. Patti spoke about how Tezzaron uses these technologies and techniques to provide design obfuscation and hardware trust for their customers, even when obtaining front-end-of-the-line components from untrusted sources.

The next speaker in the series will be Paolo Gargini, a former Director of Technology Strategy. Paolo is scheduled to speak on Wednesday, June 8th at 2pm. RSVP for this event is required. Please send your name and affiliation to Jennifer Lato at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Attendees may attend in person at the Potomac Institute. For those unable to attend in person, dial-in information will be sent upon confirmation of your RSVP.



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