“The Lone Wolf Terrorist:
Past Lessons, Future Outlook, and Response Strategies”


The latest terrorist incidents in Nice, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Orlando and elsewhere, are once again a grim reminder of the expanding operational roles of "lone wolves." Whether they are self-radicalized or linked to home-grown or foreign groups, their involvement reflects a worrisome weakness in the security chain of modern society. A panel with rich experience in the public and private sectors analyzed manifold national and global implications of the challenge and offered short and long-term recommendations to combat future threats.

Opening remarks were given by General Alfred Gray, USMC (Ret.), Twenty-Ninth Commandant of the United States Marine Corps; Senior Fellow and Chairman of the Board of Regents, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies. The panel was moderated by Professor Yonah Alexander, Director, Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies, and Senior Fellow, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies. The panel consisted of: Captain Dave Martin, Assistant Director, Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center, Frederick County (MD) Sheriff’s Office; Professor Carol Flynn, A 30-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), she held senior executive and clandestine positions in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America and is currently, Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University and Managing Principal at Singa Consulting; Lisa Curtis, a former U.S. government official and currently, Senior Research Fellow, Asian Studies Center Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy, The Heritage Foundation; Dr. Nimrod Raphaeli, Senior Analyst and editor of the Economic Blog at the Middle East Media Research Institute; and Professor Dean Alexander, Director, Homeland Security Research Program and Professor at the School of Law Enforcement and Justice Administration, Western Illinois University. Closing remarks were given by Professor Don Wallace, Jr., Chairman, International Law Institute.


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