The public debate over the military's role in combating terrorism directed against the Islamic State and other adversaries is intensifying. From Washington to Istanbul to Canberra, policy makers are currently considering both defensive and offensive strategies for the short and long term security challenges. A distinguished panel of military, diplomatic, and academic experts discuss a broad range of topics including threat analysis, crisis management, and unilateral and collective tactical responses. General (Ret.) Alfred Gray (Twenty-Ninth Commandant of the United States Marine Corps; Senior Fellow and Chairman of the Board of Regents, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies) presented the opening remarks and the event was moderated by Professor Yonah Alexander (Director, Inter-University Center for Terrorism Studies, and Senior Fellow, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies). The keynote speaker was Brigadier General Richard C. Gross, U.S. Army (Legal Counsel to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Panelists were Brigadier General (Ret.) David Reist (USMC Operation Iraqi Freedom, Deputy Commanding General for Governance and Economics in Anbar Province from February 2006-February 2007 and Vice President, Strategy and Planning Division, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies), Dr. Lawrence J. Korb (Senior Fellow at American Progress, Senior Advisor to the Center for Defense Information, and an adjunct professor at Georgetown University) and Dr. Alaa Abdalaziz (Political Counselor, Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the U.S. Former Charge d'affaires, Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Syria (2012-2014)). Professor Don Wallace, Jr. (Chairman, International Law Institute) made the closing remarks.



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