"Al-Qaida: Ten Years After 9/11 and Beyond"

The Potomac Institute Press is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of the new book Al-Qa'ida: Ten Years After 9/11 and Beyond, (Potomac Institute Press, 2012) by Institute Chairman and CEO Michael Swetnam and ICTS Director Prof. Yonah Alexander, PhD.  The authors previously collaborated on a 2001 landmark book on al-Qa'ida entitled Usama bin Laden's al-Qa'ida: Profile of a Terrorist Network (click here to access the listing). Their follow-up book, Al-Qa'ida: Ten Years After 9/11 and Beyond, will be available in an early-release version at the February 2 ICTS event at the National Press Club (see event listing, below) and soon on In the book, the authors describe an al-Qa'ida that they say has been significantly weakened, but not destroyed. Click below to watch video comments by the authors on their new book.