A. Alan Moghissi, Betty Love, Sorin Straja, Dennis McBride and Michael Swetnam

This book is the culmination of three decades of insight from experts in the scientific and policy worlds who have developed a process to enable not only scientists but also non-scientists to clearly and easily assess scientific information.

Policymakers, judges, government agency staff, lawmakers, scientists, and others must constantly balance scientific, social, economic, political, emotional and other considerations when making a decision.  However, they are often "on their own" to determine the validity and applicability of scientific and technical data.  Now they can use the Best Available Science concept to ask themselves, "How reliable is the information in front of me? What is the level of maturity of the underlying science, and can I make a sound decision based on it?"

Authored by Dr. A. Alan Moghissi, Betty Love, & Sorin Straja from the Institute for Regulatory Science and Dennis McBride and Michael Swetnam from the Potomac Institute, Best Available Science isolates scientific issues from others at play in policymaking.  It provides a framework for understanding the validity of scientific information that can be universally understood.  It gives decision makers a simple assessment system to most effictively utilize scientific information.  It also separates science from areas that are outside of the purview of science.

As we continue to strive for excellence in both science and policy in an ever-changing landscape, this guide, Best Available Science, is a must-have resource.  It arms you with the ability to make the best decision possible with the best available information.  This guide can also be used as a tool for scientists to more clearly communicate with policy makers and help them to "speak the same language."


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