Institute Fellow Says Airport Body Scanners are "Just the Beginning"

Potomac Institute for Policy Studies Fellow Ben Sheppard, PhD, is a terrorism and security analyst who is closely watching the controversy over full-body scanners at airports. Dr. Sheppard has been studying the trend toward the use of these systems as well as biometric identification tools - and accompanying privacy concerns - for years. He asks if a public that is just getting used to full-body scans at airports will someday have to accept them at all kinds of public venues. As early as 2007, Dr. Sheppard wrote in Jane's Defence Weekly, "With airport systems like body imaging leading the technological curve in surveying individuals for threat items and identification, these concepts will increasingly find their way out of the aviation setting to include public transport entrances, major public events such as sporting occasions, and public spaces." Click below to read Dr. Sheppard's original article in full.