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STEPS Returning in 2021!

The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies is excited to welcome you back to the STEPS magazine here in 2021. The magazine will serve as the principal outlet for the Potomac Institute’s own studies, and as a venue for discussions of the many, pressing science and technology policy issues facing us today. Every day, science and technology become more deeply entwined in our lives and livelihoods—thus requiring that we understand and thoughtfully consider its advancement in order to devise well-tailored policies to extract its full benefits while minimizing any risks posed to the nation’s happiness, productivity, or security. We trust that our readership will find each issue’s diverse collection of articles informative and insightful, and hope they prove a useful jumping-off point as our readers consider and converse upon each issue’s contents. We welcome contributions to the magazine at this time and look forward to the pending release of our next issue.

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