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Ken Hamilton

Ken HamiltonKen Hamilton, a Senior Research Fellow at the Potomac Institute, has had a distinguished career as a naval officer and as an expert in DoD acquisition management. He is the founder of KTMG, an engineering management-consulting firm supporting major DoD Acquisition Programs and industry clients. He has served as the principle strategic management advisor to ACAT I acquisition programs, and is a founding member for OSD’s Systems of Systems Center of Excellence. Mr. Hamilton is the co-founder of Mission Technology Systems LLC, a manufacturer of small tactical unmanned aerial systems. Previously, he specialized in rapid acquisition for the US Navy SEALs and for the Joint Special Operations Forces (SOF), including serving as the senior advisor to the Commander, USSOCOM, and program management of NRO and ONR projects. CAPT Hamilton’s military career includes 30 years of active and reserve service following graduation from the US Naval Academy.

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