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Patrick Cheetham

Published: Monday, 06 July 2015 20:29

Pat CheethamPatrick Cheetham is a Research Associate at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies at the Center for Adaptation and Innovation. He served as a fellow in the Center for Revolutionary Scienti c ought from 2012 to 2014. Currently, he is providing research and analytical support to policy development projects for the Department of Defense. Patrick has worked on national security strategy and technology policy issues with customers in the office of the Secretary of Defense, the US Marine Corps, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Office of Naval Research, and the Defense Research and Engineering Enterprise. Mr. Cheetham joined the Potomac Institute’s International Center for Terrorism Studies (ICTS) in August 2010. He held the position of Research Coordinator at the ICTS, coordinated research for the book Al-Qa’ida Ten Years After 9/11 and Beyond, and assisted on a number of counterterrorism reports. Patrick served as Assistant Editor for NATO’s journal, Partnership for Peace Review, and coordinated over thirty foreign policy and national security-related seminars. Before joining the Potomac Institute, Mr. Cheetham was the Assistant Director and Foreign Teacher for an English program in Fuyang, China. Patrick also served as a Senior Clerk at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Law. He received a B.A. from UCLA in Political Science, a M.A. in Security Studies from Georgetown University, and speaks some Mandarin Chinese. Patrick is a founder and member of Business Uniting with Government for Security. Patrick can be reached at: pcheetham@ potomacinstitute.org.