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Debate on Gene Editing As Research Technique Continues

Published: Friday, 02 October 2015 15:47
Written by STEPS
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Many researchers believe that genetic editing of human embryos is very valuable to understanding early human development and the functionalities of some diseases. The Hinxton Group, an organization composed of members from eight countries, believes that some gene editing is ethically justifiable. This Group was formed to discuss stem cells, ethics, and the respective policy implications. After a group of Chinese researchers published a study that used genome editing, controversy and criticism arose in the scientific community regarding the subject. The Hixton Group met on September 13 and 14, and released a statement highlighting that, while use of these technologies is premature, gene editing in the lab is important to determine which techniques work. Essentially, the Group emphasizes that policymakers should not restrict scientific research unless there is a concrete need to do so. http://news.sciencemag.org/biology/2015/09/research-gene-editing-embryos-justified-group-says