Peter Lejeune has held senior management and consulting positions in both the public and private sectors. He has directed Crisis Management; Contingency Planning; Business Continuity Planning; operations reorganization; security and counter terrorism projects for government and business worldwide in addition to holding senior operations management positions. He is Vice President of Strategic Analysis, Inc. Prior to joining Titan, he was president of Tensai Consulting, Inc., a firm consulting to Fortune 500 companies on all aspects of Business Continuation Planning, and he is a co-founder and director of BLE, Incorporated; a consulting firm specializing in nuclear safety, defense technology, security, technology transfer, law and risk management, dedicated to bringing state of the art knowledge to solving the problems of business, safety, technology, law and risk management for clients.

Several years were spent as a consultant to the Superintendent of the Police of Puerto Rico advising on operational and systems matters. Subsequently Mr. Lejeune was appointed Director of Emergency Planning and Response for New York City. In this capacity he reorganized the Office of Civil Preparedness to respond to changing demands for inter-agency coordination during city-wide crises, including strikes, natural disasters and hostile acts. He was involved in events such as the NY Transit strike, as well as winter emergencies, HAZMAT response, the preparation of contingency plans to respond to a threatened general strike by New York City's municipal unions, and hostage takings.

While still with the City of New York he directed the drought response in addition to reorganizing the regulatory, billing and collection operations of the New York City Water Department.

For private sector clients, Mr. Lejeune has performed Anti-Terrorism and Security Threat Assessments for Fortune 100 companies, financial institutions, retailers, manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, warehouse operators, and distributors. In addition to performing these assessments, he has assisted clients performing Risk and Business Interruption Analyses and documenting and testing Crisis Management and Business Continuity Plans to manage the consequences of disasters.

As a Vice President of a leading U.S. bank, Mr. Lejeune directed a risk analysis of the bank's operations prior to formulating, implementing and managing their global contingency planning program covering all international and domestic offices. At this time, Mr. Lejeune co-founded the New York Contingency Planning Exchange, one of the first organizations created to enhance disaster response through the exchange of ideas and enhanced coordination.

Most recently Mr. Lejeune was a member of a team of noted researchers and experts assembled by a Washington policy studies institute to address countering biological terrorism. His specific area of contribution was the issues related to threat assessments and the local and federal response capability. Mr. Lejeune is also a lecturer on terrorism and consequence management at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Emergency Management Institute.