Mr Conley’s career focus has been in the areas of weapons and energetic materials development, weapons employment, and intelligence. He has lead groups that made significant strides in warhead development, weaponeering tools, collateral damage estimations, and battle damage assessment techniques. He has also built organizations to support highly classified programs for the Intelligence Community.

His 25-year career in the Navy Reserve enabled him to act as a liaison between the Fleet and Navy labs. As a fully qualified Engineering Duty Officer, he had assignments at NSWC White Oak, Navy Research Laboratory, SSP Headquarters, and NSWC Indian Head. As a Scientific & Technical Intelligence Liaison Officer (STILO), he facilitated relationships between the Navy and Intelligence Community. He earned a DAWAII Level III SPRDE certification in 2003.

Mr. Conley has taught in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the USNA since 2009. He has taught classes in thermodynamics, propulsion and modern weapon design.

Mr. Conley earned a B.Sc. and M.S. from University of Michigan and graduated from the Naval War College. His areas of expertise include: Weapons Acquisition, Weapon Development, S&T support to IC, Energy Conversion, Lethality and Vulnerability, Weaponeering, Collateral Damage M&S, and Energetic Materials.