JodyMoxhamJody Moxham is a strategic communication expert with a career focused on helping multinational corporations and government organizations measurably strengthen the persuasiveness of their global marketing strategies and communications.

She spearheaded the development of a methodology that accurately forecasted how an audience would respond to a communication, while it was still just an idea on paper. The ability to forecast audience response before a message was produced and shown to consumers was a revolutionary breakthrough for the marketing world. PhaseOne communications was founded to market the unique methodology. Jody and her team were soon asked to get involved at an even earlier stage to help improve communication strategies. As a result, Jody had unparalleled insights into how the best marketers in the world developed their communication strategies.

Clients that Jody and her team served included General Motors Corporation, Nestle Global, Coca Cola, Exxon Mobil, Campbell Soup Company, General Mills, etc.
One month after 9/11, Jody received a phone call from the Intelligence Community asking if PhaseOne would be willing to see if the methodology that had worked so successfully in the private sector could work for national security interests.

While PhaseOne continued serving its corporate clients, Jody dedicated a select team of analysts to work with her on national security projects. PhaseOne contracts spread across the IC and the DOD. Individual projects were classified but, overall, the work involved understanding target audiences, strategies for easing tensions, understanding motivations of adversaries, etc.
In 2012 PhaseOne sold the company and in 2015 Jody left the company.

During the latter half of the Bush Administration, Jody was instrumental in founding the U.S. Marketing Communications College to help train USG personnel in private sector communication basics. The College was installed at the Foreign Service Institute during the Obama Administration.

She is currently a contributing faculty member for the Senior Joint Information Operations Applications Course (SJIOAC), a Senior Fellow at Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, a Senior Advisor to Parenthetic a strategic communications company, and continues to advise and teach within the U.S. Government community.