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    Maintaining US Economic and Military
    Competitive Posture During Turbulent Times
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    Staying Ahead:
    US National Security in the
    New Era of Intense Global Competition
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    Microelectronics Foundations and Futures
    A Virtual Executive Course
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We are a matrixed organization whose management approach centers on four measures of success:

  • Small organization tailoring and responsiveness
  • Commitment to quality and continuity
  • Output-based metrics
  • Cost effectiveness

Together, these factors result in organizational agility to respond to customers' needs and organizational effectiveness.


Mission Statement

Develop and apply adaptive, innovative solutions to hard/ill-defined problems.


Core Competencies

Provide strategic planning and execution expertise; OP Analysis & Assessment of Developing Technology; S&T Program Planning, Design & Implementation; S&T Test, Experimentation, Demonstration, Concept & Design; S&T Program Planning, Analysis, Assessment & Oversight; Concept based Studies; Strategic Communications & Facilitation.


Current Customers

Naval Surface Warfare Center           Indian Head Explosive Ordinance Division Technology Directorate

Training & Education Command        Army Geospatial Center

Marine Corps Warfighting Lab           Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Office of Naval Research                  Head Quarters Marine Corps Installations & Logistics


Contact Us


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