Course: Venture Capital: Deliberate Innovation or Casino Royale?





Next Course Date: September 14, 2023 

Location: Potomac Institute Ballston Headquarters (Arlington, VA)

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The first venture capital firm launched in 1946, when Georges Doriot, a French-American economist at Harvard, founded the American Research and Development Corporation (ARD) to invest in emerging tech firms. Its 1957 investment in Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) became its first win. 
Today, Crunchbase lists over 27,000 VC firms around the globe, with roughly 10,000 in the US including leaders focused on every major economic sector. And while many of these invest globally, there are now major VC funds from countries on 6 continents.  
US tech names like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, SpaceX and Google were backed by venture capital.  Also, InstaCart, PayPal, Zoom, Tesla, Rivian and so many more.
How does venture capital work? Where do VCs get their money and how do they decide to invest? What other than cash do they bring to the table? 

How can the NSIB access these funds? How can the USG leverage the VC community to accelerate innovation toward better mission solutions? And how are DOD and the Services already serving the warfighter and the NSIB with accelerators and alternative acquisition paths? 

These topics will be the focus of an executive course offered by the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies. It will be led by innovation experts from venture capital, government, and business.