KOvertonMr. Overman retired from Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems as VP & GM of the Systems Development & Technology Division which was the focal point for emerging programs, mission/system concepts, discriminating technologies and profitable growth of a multibillion-dollar Sector. Responsibilities included: research, development, test and reduction to practice of systems deployed from underseas to deep space. In this organization value focused world class teams created, pursued, won and successfully executed programs bridging concept to capability growing the top line while generating current year profits.

The organization’s success was process based and sparked by distributed, empowered leadership. A record number of Vice Presidents and Presidents graduated from the group. Kelly has stated: “It’s all about people and teams. Once objectives are wider than your shoulders you must have a team. Successful teams couple a common vision with empowered, distributed leadership. The difference between a leader and a driver is less than a foot. A driver builds a fire under butts, a leader builds a fire in many a belly. The key is a clear contagious vision and people who have something they want to do more than something they want to be.”

Focus areas included:
Missions: Space, Air, Land, Surface, Undersea & Cyber with systems, assets & weapons employed to secure offensive, defensive and intelligence functions.
Commercial spin offs: Law Enforcement, Commercial Security Systems & Electric/Hybrid automotive propulsion (R&D 100 Award).
Technology: EW, RADAR, EO, CNI, SIGINT, IW/IO, Cyber, Chem-Bio, Power, Vision/Telepresence, Collaboration, Materials/ICs.

Mr. Overman represented Westinghouse on AIA. His team participation includes: the USAF Advisory Board Study on Asymmetric Warfare (9-11), the National Security Forum of the Air War College, National Laboratory Reviews, the Secretary of the Air Force Special Advisory Group and the OSD DSB Study 21st Century Military Operations in a Complex Electromagnetic Environment.

He has authored articles and presentations on signal processing, situation estimation theory, fusion, quantum impacts/opportunities, information defined - HW & SW enabled systems, mission information superiority, lateral thinking, value growth business strategy, characteristics of successful entrepreneurial organizations, teams and leadership. He is an active contributor to business strategy, advanced programs, future missions, systems, techniques and technology.

Mr. Overman holds a BSEE from the University of Arkansas and a MSEE from the University of Pittsburgh. Executive studies include the Center for Creative Leadership, the Brookings Institution and Harvard Business School. He is a member of: Tau Beta Pi, Pi Mu Epsilon; Eta Kappa Nu, the University of Arkansas Academy of Electrical Engineering and the Association of Old Crows. He holds an FAA Pilot License, a USCG Captain License, as well as multiple patents and awards for presentations/papers. In free time, Mr. Overman loves sailing, racing and classic sports car touring with his wife and soul mate BJ, another engineer.