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Mike Swetnam

Vaccinations save kids! The science is so clear that it should not be discussed. Those that say there is any risk to vaccinations are like the people in the 1600’s who said the world is flat. It looks flat, but science has proven it is not. Even if I show a picture from space to these people, they will think the world is flat. The people who think that vaccinations are tied to autism or whatever are Flat-Worlders who do not see the great advantage that science has brought us. They do not appreciate the science of medicine that allows us all to live decades longer than those who thought the world was flat. They do not see the clear evidence that all of society is protected when you vaccinate your kid. The scientific picture is clear. Vaccinations save lives.

They save the lives of the children vaccinated, but they also save the lives of the kids too young to be vaccinated.

There was another report of half a dozen 6 month olds (too young for the vaccinations) getting measles. They might die. They got this disease, that was almost eradicated, because you did not vaccinate your kid. You, the parents who believed the witchcraft story of vaccinations being the cause of autism, not only risked the life of your child but you risked the life of even younger and more helpless infants.

You should be ashamed.