5gCoversmOn June 6th, 2018, the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies and Venable LLP co-sponsored a seminar to discuss the rapidly approaching 5G Revolution. The event was moderated by Dr. Michael Fritze, Director of the Potomac Institute’s Vital Infrastructure, Technology and Logistics (VITAL) Center, which focuses on supply chain security and critical infrastructure resilience. The program began with a keynote address from Mr. Terry Halvorsen, Executive Vice President of Samsung, Inc., and featured panelists Mike Stone, Kiersten Todt, Brian Hendricks, RADM Jamie Barnett USN (Ret), and Barbara Hoffman, all of whom have extensive and mixed backgrounds working in telecommunications and cybersecurity in both government and industry roles. The panelists gave predictions and analysis of the far-reaching implications that will result from the impending widespread use of this technology. They also outlined the challenges the US is currently facing in the roll-out of this revolutionary technology.


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