dnasmThe demand for digital data storage is currently outpacing the world’s storage capabilities, and the gap is widening as the amount of digital data produced grows exponentially. Current technologies will be insufficient to address these challenges. DNA offers an abundant, sustainable, and stable data storage solution, with storage density orders of magnitude better than today’s best methods. As a reference, all of the world’s data today could theoretically be stored in 1 kg of DNA. Although the science behind DNA data storage has been proven, its commercial viability is currently limited. This is because DNA technology has been developed to support applications in the life sciences industry and not for data storage purposes.

In this study report we provide findings on the current state of the DNA Data Storage field and provide forecasts for key determinants that will advance this field. The Potomac Institute identified the key technologies required for storing data in DNA, analyzed the state-of-the-art and emerging technologies, and determined necessary steps for advancing the field forward.


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