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Since its inception, The Technology Reinvestment Project (TRP) has, at different times, embraced projects in one or more of the following areas: Technology Development, Technology Deployment, and Manufacturing Education and Training (MET). The Military and Industry Panel of the Dual-Use Research Project focused on the Technology Development Projects in TRP. Thus, although general information about the overall TRP will be discussed in this report, the data presented here concentrates principally on Technology Development Projects. While the statistics presented in this report convey a sense of the magnitude of the TRP program, as far as the number of proposers and personnel involved, they do not support any real measures of success or failure.
TRP was in a state of change from its inception. Three competitions were held and each competition brought about new procedures and revised instructions to participants. Some of this was due to lessons learned by TRP in the early competitions and subsequent attempts to correct problems or to enhance the program. Other changes such as funding were the result of Congressional direction.

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