The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies continues to develop meaningful policy and support its implementation at the intersection of business and government. We are working hard to build a strong future as the Institute serves the nation on critical S&T Policy issues.

The Institute’s driving philosophy is that policy should be based on science and evidence, and that government investment in S&T is critical to the nation. Policy impact is our goal and mission. We are working together with key leaders to shape policy and strategy in space, defense research, innovation, supply chain security, microelectronics, and health.

Potomac Institute’s role is unique in Washington DC. We are a facilitator and we seed new ideas. We have deep technical expertise, but we can imagine technology beyond what is possible today. We have deep experience, but we are not willing to accept the status quo. We have strategic and tactical expertise, and we work with customers on everything from technical program details to the big picture. We speak the language of venture capital investors, policy makers, technical experts, military operators, and futurists.

The U.S. government, and especially the Defense Department and Intelligence Community, need to imagine the future and understand emerging technologies in order to remain competitive and dominant. Government and industry must work together to solve the problems of this century; neither can meet these challenges alone. We need someone who knows the strengths of both to bring them together, and inspire them to innovate. That’s Potomac Institute. Together we are building the future.


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