The Potomac Institute Internship Program (for undergraduate, graduate, or recently graduated students) hosts interns with a variety of academic backgrounds that relate to the science, technology, and national security missions of the Institute. The Institute strives to provide a versatile experience for each internship participant. Interns are placed in one of four different academic centers, with specific senior fellows, or within program divisions at PIPS. Some unique qualities of the program are policy research, school credits, seminars and conferences, publication acknowledgements, and networking. Please see below our current policy interns.

Olivia Gauthier, New York University
Olivia Gauthier is from Long Island, NY and is currently a sophomore at New York University. She is majoring in Public Policy and minoring in American Sign Language and Creative Writing. At the Potomac Institute, Olivia is an intern under the Center for Adaptation and Innovation. For her research project, she is looking at information warfare—specifically what balance the United States needs to achieve between offensive and defensive strategies to effectively wage war.

Carly Brody, University of Maryland
Carly Brody is a senior at the University of Maryland double majoring in Environmental Science & Policy and American Studies. As an intern for the Regulatory Science and Engineering Center, she is utilizing the scientific method to design a systematic process for unbiased evaluation of regulations after they have been implemented. The goal of developing this process for evaluation is to improve regulators’ accountability and assess whether regulations are operating appropriately and effectively. Through a case study of the Flint water crisis, she will demonstrate how this process for evaluation can be incorporated in the Safe Drinking Water Act to prevent future public health crises.

Michaela Noetzel, New York University
Michaela Noetzel is from Dallas, Texas and is currently a sophomore at NYU, majoring in Politics and minoring in Latin American Studies. For her project, she is researching the effects of the dual-use of Electronic Warfare (EW) technology and how the United States can maintain an asymmetric advantage over adversaries, both state and non-state, given the commercial availability of the technology and our current EW capabilities.

Anna Jones, Georgetown Univeristy
Anna Jones is a first year master's student at Georgetown University, where she studies Security with a concentration in Intelligence. She is currently working on the National Cyber Strategy section of the Cyber Readiness Index. Anna is enjoying the convergence of her research at the Potomac Institute with topics discussed in her master's classes.

Michelle Ovanesian, Georgetown University
Michelle Ovanesian is currently a second year law student at Georgetown University Law Center. As an intern at the Potomac Institute, Michelle is working on a policy report providing recommendations on four areas that, in light of the genetic revolution, need to be addressed immediately. These areas are: gene patents, genetic privacy rights, genetic personal property rights, and genetic modification rights.


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