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Robert Hummel PhD

We are very excited about re-invigorating the journal-magazine of the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, called STEPS (which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Policy Studies). The mission of the Potomac Institute is to identify and lead discussions on key S&T and national security issues facing our society, providing a forum for the study of related policy issues. STEPS is a key element of the Institute’s method to foster such discussions and to provide a forum in which difficult policy issues can be studied. The articles in STEPS concern both how S&T can provide for national security and thus how policies can support S&T to accomplish those goals, and how current and emerging S&T can inform policy decisions required of leaders and lawmakers in US government and business.

In the spirit of fostering discussion, articles in STEPS represent the opinions and ideas of the authors and are not official positions of the Potomac Institute. Having said that, we are non-partisan, not only because S&T issues largely transcend political philosophies, but also because our discussions are to be based on data and solid evidence. Accordingly, articles in STEPS are carefully reviewed and edited to conform to the highest standards of professionalism and cogent reasoning. We welcome submissions that further academic and intellectual discussions that can promote study and lead to solutions in the best interest of society, economics, and American national security.

Our intention is that STEPS is the leading public forum for discussion of S&T issues and how they relate to policies. Articles should be accessible, comprehensible, succinct, and thought-provoking. Our audience is policymakers, to include all voters, in all branches of government, and throughout business. And our unifying topic is science, technology, and engineering as they influence our lives, and the goal to use science and technology to benefit mankind.

I am excited about returning to the Potomac Institute to help nurture these discussions, and am committed to making STEPS into the go-to publication for science, technology, engineering, and policy studies.

Robert Hummel, PhD
STEPS Editor-in-Chief
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