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Robert Hummel PhD

Robert Hummel, PhD

This issue of STEPS inaugurates a new season of articles and notes furthering the mission of the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies. This issue contains a mix of content developed by Institute staff and affiliates and has been heavily influenced by research work conducted at the Institute involving non-attributed experts. Each article presents bold ideas and important discussions—both those impacted by policies and those impacting policies—of topics involving science, technology, and engineering.

With this edition of STEPS, we are soliciting articles and notes for future issues. While STEPS is an online magazine, it will be broadly distributed and will include articles centralized around the ongoing discussions shepherded by the Potomac Institute through its events and work with the US government and businesses. Articles will be carefully reviewed and edited, and may be submitted by subject matter experts whether affiliated with the Institute or not. Contact me if you have an idea for a future article. I particularly thank my Associate Editor, Dr. Tim Bumpus; the staff of the Institute involved in the production of STEPS, including John Mecham and Alex Taliesen; and Sherry Loveless. The next issue of STEPS should be available in the late fall of this year!

Dr. Robert (Bob) Hummel

Editor-in-Chief, STEPS

Chief Scientist, Potomac Institute

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