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Jennifer Buss, PhD


The Potomac Institute has always centered its mission around four factors: national security, science and technology, US industry, and government policy. The Institute’s goal is to find ways to create or improve government policy to propel the technology engine that drives benefits to the nation and to enact policies that are well-informed by sound science and technology. 

Articles in STEPS reflect our priority to sound research and recommendations for science and technology policies. The publication of STEPS is where we try to elevate the discussion and provide big ideas to address the complexity of the nation’s wellbeing and national security. Complementing the work we do for customers, discussions are fostered from information gleaned from our studies and our interactions with affiliates, to address big issues from a bold policy perspective. They allow us to step back from the specific concerns of government agencies and bureaucratic issues, to emphasize our role as a think tank that can mix technology expertise with government and business experience to confront some of the nation’s most difficult problems.

The articles in this issue draw on lessons from our Global Competition Project to address ways that the US can prevail in a competition with other nation states in areas of primary national importance. From recommendations on how to organize an Economic Warfare Operational Capability to finding common values to achieve a unity of effort in global competition, these articles combine thoughts and ideas from discussions involving Potomac Institute for Policy Studies staff, affiliates, and guests.

I hope you find the ideas expressed in these articles useful.

Dr. Jennifer Buss

Chief Executive Officer, Potomac Institute

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