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Department of Defense’s Innovation Experiment Written by Robert Hummel PhD, Kathryn Schiller Wurster Hits: 15207
Department of Defense Commercial Technology Acquisition: A Survey Written by Brian Barnett, Jennifer Buss PhD Hits: 9757
Integrative Computational and Neurocognitive Science and Technology for Intelligence Operations: Horizons of Potential Viability, Value and Opportunity Written by James Giordano PhD, Rachel Wurzman PhD Hits: 10191
It's Laboratory or Goodbye Written by Gerold Yonas PhD, Jill Gibson Hits: 12386
Rationalizing the National S&T Policy Mess Written by James Richardson, PhD Hits: 7519
The Death of Moore’s Law Written by Mike Fritze PhD, Patrick Cheetham, Jennifer Lato, Paul Syers PhD Hits: 10988
The Navigator Awards Written by Richard Pera Hits: 5754
Why Can't We Get Acquisitions Right? Written by Alden Munson Hits: 9857
The Decline and Fall of the ITAR Empire Written by Robert Hummel PhD, Richard Pera, Charles Mueller PhD, Hits: 13921
Stress Fractures Written by Ken Hamilton Hits: 5994

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